Liverpool Fashion Week - The Launch

The decision whether to start up Amentium or not had been under discussion for just over a year. I spent lots of late night pondering before we finally decided to launch it. An opportunity arose when we were offered the chance to showcase at Liverpool Fashion Week in the New Talent Category. Just like any new business, money was tight and so lots of thought went into the decision. Eventually we decided to take the risk and give it a go at Liverpool Fashion Week in October 2015. This was our platform to get up and launch the brand especially as the event was in our hometown.

The real challenge was having to produce 24 outfits for a complete collection, especially on a tight deadline and an even tighter budget. Add that to the constant drop out of models which made it rather more difficult. The pressure was on!

Having a specialised degree, Contour Fashion, in lingerie and swimwear we chose to showcase a range of original designs in each area.

Louella Walker (now current reigning Miss Liverpool) is pictured wearing on of our more racier pieces a cupless bra harness by Matt Webb Photography

All of a sudden a large posse of ogling males swamped the audience when they heard that lingerie was about to hit the catwalk to close the show. We didn’t think Liverpool was quite ready for what they were about to see. But the fashion press loved it There were comments such as "The Raciest Fashion Show of 2015" and there were a many other positive snippets from press in the weeks afterwards. Journalist, Katie Addison, for The Sphinx stated "You’ve just witnessed the jaw-dropping birth of Amentium," "And judging by the audience’s gasps of amazement and overwhelming applause, it was safe to say these girls were killing it on the runway."

If you missed the launch, not a problem! We had a videographer on hand catching the build up from behind the scenes and the show itself. See the show here!

With so much positive attention on our latex range, this gave us the idea to become predominantly a latex brand.

The launch in Liverpool was a great experience. Not only did it give us a solid platform to launch our company but it also gave us the confidence in the brand and the ideas that we can run with particularly with so much positive feedback from so many sources, press, social media, bloggers and other fashion designers.

After the pressure of getting everything ready for Liverpool we were obviously delighted with the launch and the feedback but I was just too tired to celebrate, I just wanted to sleep for a week!​​

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