How do I get my latex on?

Dressing in latex is different to dressing in the usual fabric. Your fingernails go through latex very easily and you can tear the latex garment. You should always use fingertips at all times when dressing.

It is highly advisable to use talcum powder, a water-based lubricant or any specialist latex dressing aid on the inside of the garment before attempting to put it on. This will avoid any potential damage, tears and rips to the garment.

How do I shine my latex?

All garments will be sent washed and shined. If a "top-up" shine is required, then a silicone/latex shine spray is the only option. You must follow instructions as directed on the latex shine product you have purchased. See "How do I wash my latex?"  for further instructions on shining your latex garment when washing.


Latex does not absorb water so will have a wet look after washing or after shiner/polish has been applied. If you prefer a more matte look, you should lightly apply talcum powder.

TOP TIPS on how to be kind to your latex!

- Keep your fingernails and sharp objects away as directed in

"How do I get my latex on?" to prevent any tearing.

- Avoid contact with metal such as body piercings or jewellery as this will result in staining. You should cover all metal based components on the garment such as poppers and studs when storing.  Please follow the suggested tips on "How do I store

my latex?"

- Pale coloured latex will stain so you should avoid contact with fake tan and makeup.

How do I wash my latex?

To wash your latex garment, you should use a small amount of washing up liquid in warm water. You should move the garment around the water and gently massage ensuring both inside and out have been washed. You should repeat this step to rinse the garment in clean water and then hang up to air 'dry' it. We would recommend that you dip the latex garment in warm water but this time adding a drop of latex polish. This will help keep the latex garment in good condition and add a killer shine!


In order to wash a certain area that is visably dirty. Please follow the same procedure but you should use either fingertips or a soft sponge to remove the dirt. However be careful not to apply too much pressure.

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How do I store my latex?

Keep away garment AWAY from sunlight and heat. For the best results, please store in a wardrobe. If it is a walk in wardrobe, please ensure it is NOT close to any windows or heaters. If you are hanging the garment in a wardobe, you must avoid storing it next to metal items as mentioned in "TOP TIPS on how to be kind to your latex!"